I love a parade


I love a parade.  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day, Rose Bowl’s New Year’s Day, my local Veteran’s Day, and yes, that silly Dairy Princess parade in my home town.  Along with about 62 other high school band members we marched down Main Street celebrating the selection of the one young lady who had collected more money than any of her competitors for the privilege of sitting in a 1964 Chevy convertible provided by her daddy, who also happened to be the local Chevrolet dealer.  We, in our white bucks, carefully maneuvered through the residue of the horse-riding honor guard which led our little festivity.

Yeah, I love a parade.  Parades were fun and watching them on TV was a holiday tradition.  With the advent of instantaneous media on every household screen, the parades celebrated in China, North Korea, and Russia displayed a different reason to have a parade.  The military might of these nations was dismaying and ominous.  The goose-stepping troops reminded me of video I had seen of earlier parades in 1940s Germany.  They were not smiling and cheering.  I don’t think they were having a fun time like those of us sidestepping horse manure on the streets of Mytown, USA.

Thank God the military parade planned for Washington, D.C. has been delayed.  I can’t think of any valid reason to spend millions of tax-payer dollars on a display of military equipment and manpower.  We know who we are as a nation.  We know for what we stand, don’t we?  Opportunity for all, right?  Liberty for the oppressed, right?  Social justice, right?  Or have I become an old fuddy-duddy who lives in a Pollyanna world?

VoteVets.org is a non-profit founded by veterans for the purpose of electing veterans to Congress and informing the general population of ongoing issues with veterans.  Homelessness, war injuries, suicide are hot topics in the veterans’ community that are not being addressed by an Administration more concerned with displaying military might.  VoteVets.org has filed with the city of Washington, D.C. a letter of intent to host a 5K run on Veteran’s Day of 2019 around the National Mall with proceeds directed to homelessness among veterans.

My country is better than this national disgrace of veterans’ homelessness inflicting 40,000 of the men and women who sacrificed to serve.  I’m supporting a run around the National Mall for veterans rather than a parade to show the world we’re Billy Badass.

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