HELP! I need somebody…..not just anybody.

No, I am not plagiarizing famous music although this was one of my favorites from the Beatles.Ā  What I need is support and advice from my Keto friends in dealing with medical doctors, those same doctors who are lettered in the law of the American Medical Association, the USDA, the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, big Pharma, insurance providers, and the giants of the food industry.

If I were a rich man (hmmm, yet another of my favorite tunes from the past) I would blast those doctors who are in my insurance network with a piece of my mind and find a doctor who understands nutrition and especially a doctor who is Keto friendly.

I can hear you all saying, “Yeah, Larry, good luck with that idea.”

Adding insult to injury is the fact that I have two doctors to whom I must suck up – my Medicare doctor and my VA doctor.Ā  Both of them toe the necessary establishment line promoting the same 60 years of medical malpractice which has led us into unprecedented epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.Ā  If I were less rational and level-headed, I would say it has been a conspiracy to line the pockets of the insurance, pharmaceutical, sugar and farming industries…..hell yes, I will take the plunge and call it a conspiratorial plan to make a few people rich at the expense of millions of unwitting consumers.

Ahhhh, I am feeling much better already.Ā  But HELP!Ā  Won’t you please help me?Ā  My last lipid profile in November was amazing.Ā  Since starting keto in late June of this year, I have dropped 30 pounds (most of it belly fat and love handles), I am no longer pre-diabetic, I lowered my trigs by 50%,Ā  and raised my HDL by 20%.

Did my doctor say, “Congratulations, Larry, you have done a great job?”

No, instead a verbal assault about my LDL which had climbed from 150 to 200.Ā  “You are going to have a heart attack or stroke.Ā  Are you taking the statin I prescribed?”

End of conversation.Ā  He ended with the N word – non-compliance.

“But, Doc, let’s talk about diet and nutrition.Ā  Let’s discuss new research which is proving that LDL and total cholesterol are not the bad boys you think they are.Ā  “Let’s give peace a chance”.….hmmmm, too many songs from the 60s in my head. šŸ˜

My friend, David, a doctor of oriental medicine and acupuncturist, understands my dilemma.Ā  But, my insurance will not pay his bills.Ā  Here’s my question to you, my readers.Ā  How do I get the medical service, Medicare and VA, to which I am entitled with providers who are living in the year 2019 with all its newest research and nutritional information?Ā  The 1960s were great years for music, but the medical profession….I fear they bought a bill of goods supplied by corporate greed.

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5 Replies to “HELP! I need somebody…..not just anybody.”

  1. good luck with that, my friend. what you need to find is a DO, not an MD, who has JUST passed his exams and got his or her very first job as a doctor. Fla. medical licensing board keeps a list online, so it will be a pita but not difficult. Then sign up with that doc, convince him/her to take your medicare plan and teach them what you know. I did! And it freaking works! My doc is 29 years old, first job, researches stuff when you bring it up to her and tries all kinds of new stuff…like keto. I wish I understood what it is all about. YES I have read a BUNCH of books on keto and it still makes no sense to me. I need a recipe book with a daily menu………find me that book while you are at it.

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    1. Thanks, Suze. My friend David is a newly licensed DO/acupuncturist. I will talk to him again about my medicare plan. Keto goes against everything we have been taught for the past 60 years. That is why it’s hard to understand. There are numerous sites with recipes online, several good blogs also. Dr Ken Berry on YouTube would be a good starting point to understanding keto.

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  2. I agree with Suze on this one, you need a good DO, or at least show your docs all the research done by experts like David Perlmutter, Dr. Axe, and Mark Sisson who are just some of my go-to guys on the subject. I’m lucky that most of my docs appreciate my efforts and what I have accomplished being on Keto…but then again, I am not on Medicare yet, I am a vet but don’t count on VA benefits…yet.
    If you haven’t read the book Grain Brain yet, do that and suggest it to your docs. is another great source of info you can share with them. I hope this helps!

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