Father, forgive me for I have sinned…..well, maybe not sinned, but I sure as hell have strayed.Ā  Yep, I caved about 3 weeks ago to medical ‘experts’ telling me that I was for sure going to have a heart attack or stroke if I did not fix my lipoproteins.

So, I began again the statin regimen for cholesterol knowing full well that cholesterol is not the culprit and I gave up a serious and successful keto-genic lifestyle.Ā  Within days of resuming the statin regimen my muscle and joint pains increased and my mood swings returned.Ā  I no longer felt satiated after a meal, intermittent fasting was more difficult, and those sugary snacks became more enticing.Ā  Woe is me!

My name is Larry and I am a glutton for self-abuse and self-doubt.Ā  Today after 3 weeks of meatless fare, I had my first meat, a juicy hamburger topped with onions and cheese.Ā  DELICIOUS.Ā  I intend to have eggs with bacon tomorrow, butter in my coffee, and a steak with greens for dinner.Ā  If I indeed should die, I shall depart this life with a greasy smile on my face.

I have been to the top of the mountain and mine eyes have seen the other side where vegans, vegetarians and WFPB people live.Ā  Praise the food gods for grace and mercy as they have shown me the way back to people eating tasty animals.


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4 Replies to “CONFESSIONALšŸ¤¢”

  1. I maintain if kale and lettuce and such tasted like burgers and fries, no one would choose to eat unhealthy foods.
    If I go days without eating some sort of meat, I get weak and dizzy and woozy. As an animal lover, I’d love to go vegan or whatever.
    But I have come to term with being a carnivore whose tastebuds simply aren’t satisfied-nor is my tummy- with leafy flavorless bunny food,
    That is my confessional.

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    1. LOL, a lady who understands…yeah, I’ve been light-headed over the past few days and my morning BP has been very high. Now, I do love kale and greens and eat as much of them as possible. But I cannot be a vegan – God bless those who can be.

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  2. Glad to see you have returned to the dark side…I figure I do about 1/2 keto 1/2 junk food…….that’s as close as I can get to that diet. Not gonna give up my diet DP’s for God nor country! Whatever I am doing seems to be okay though as the BP is down, cholesterol is stable (it’s always been “high”, that is GENETICS not diet nor meds), weight is a bit too much but I can still move and have stamina….i figure that’s as good as it is gonna get.

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