PANIC 101 describes my food buying over the past month.  Rather than following the basics of KETO, I grabbed off the grocery store shelves dried beans, sacks of wheat flour, cornmeal, and rice.  Yeah, survival foods.  If and when the meat counters emptied, cartons of eggs disappeared, and fresh produce became non-existent, I planned to survive with a bounteous supply of beans, rice, and cornbread.

But, here’s the problem – I don’t like the above mentioned survival foods.  I bloat, I fart, and I am never satiated.  The sugar addiction has returned and my arthritic pain has increased.  Oh Lord, how I miss hamburgers and greasy pork chops!

It’s a brave new world we face challenged by a virus that could kill within a week and a questionable food supply.  Yes, I weakened and stumbled, but I’m back.  Those survival foods will sit on my pantry shelves as intended – when nothing but twigs and roots from the nearby woods are available, I may consider making a bean and rice casserole or frying pan cornbread.  But, even then there are numerous videos on YouTube concerning foraging for food in the backwoods.  Wild edibles are undoubtedly healthier than that white wheat flour just waiting to screw up my lipid profile and increase my inflammation.  What’s that you say?  Watch out for the mushrooms – they can be deadly.

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5 Replies to “PANIC 101”

  1. My shopping habits have not changed … well, except as governed by the laws of supply and demand. It’s been an eon since there’s been a box of rotini on the shelves, and I always have plenty of rice (which we eat at least 3 times a week). I’m frustrated, though, by the lack of some things that … why, for example, is fresh baby spinach and sugar snap peas so scarce? For Pete’s sake … are people hoarding even those? Sigh. If I had the space, I’d just start growing my own veggies. Hang in there, my friend! Keep well.

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      1. Hah! My grocery hasn’t had bleach, disinfectant wipes, Lysol, or even Tide pods for 6 weeks now!!! I raised 9 kinds of hell with a manager the other day and told him “It isn’t f**king rocket science! ORDER MORE!” Sigh.

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