Remember when mom or dad scolded you for touching the hot burner on the stove after they had repeatedly warned about the resulting burn? Guys, remember when dad advised you about easy, unprotected back seat sex and Dr. Wilson had to prescribe penicillin? Sure, we’ve all been there and done that.

But, we learned our lessons, didn’t we? Our discomfort and need for medical intervention made us wiser and better prepared for our next adventure in immaturity. We also learned to heed the advice of those who loved us enough to guide us in paths of conventional wisdom.

So, with today’s revelations that the POTUS and FLOTUS have tested positive for covid-19, should we smile and gloat, should we pray on bended knees for speedy recoveries, should we apply political ramifications to their unfortunate situation?

No, we should be learning another lesson. The scientists have been telling us for months how to protect ourselves, just like daddy did years ago. We all read the headlines and listen to the news. It is our duty to heed truthful scientific direction advising us how to stop this virus, how to protect ourselves and others from this devastating scourge. Maintain social distancing, avoid public gathering places where the unmaskers display their rights to infect us or kill us and themselves as well.

Wear that mask in public places whether it is attractive on your face or not, comfortable or not. Put off your celebration at the bar if it means congregating with people who don’t believe in the scientific evidence. Attend the church of your choice online in a virtual service. The Lord whom you praise will bless you for caring enough about his/her other children to stay at home and worship safely.

Covid-19 is deadly. It cannot be cured with an antibiotic or a soothing burn ointment. Bleach and lysol may be effective but, are not meant for human ingestion. A drug for malaria will not work either. The only known prophylactic is common sense…..and a mask.

Be whom your mom and dad raised you to be. Listen to the advice of experts, not political opportunists . My life and yours depend on it. I’m an old man, but not yet ready to die alone in a hospital on a ventilator.

What kind of animals have we become?

The mother of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17 year-old charged with fatally shooting two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during protests following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, received a standing ovation on Thursday while attending a Wisconsin GOP event.

GOP Senate candidate Lauren Witzke on Thursday defended the right-wing PROUD BOYS group on Twitter, arguing that the male-only organization exemplifies “patriotic masculinity.”

These two news stories from the MSN feed should have all of us asking, “What has happened to us?”

Calling the Proud Boys (they are on SPLC’s hate group list) examples of ‘patriotic masculinity’ and extending a standing ovation to the mother who drove her son in full costume with weapons to Kenosha to kill two protesters are not my idea of patriotism. Forgive me for being old-fashioned, but what ever happened to Kate Smith singing “God Bless America” and marching in the Veteran’s Day Parade in downtown Nowhere, USA with waving flags and high school bands or watching fireworks over the Capitol on July 4th?

Are we this desperate for bona fide heroes?

My dearest Senator Scott:

After last night’s “shitshow” (not my words but those of a valued fellow blogger) on all major networks, I received an e-mail via twitter from one of my state’s Senators, Rick Scott.

Last week, Senator Rick Scott joined his colleagues in supporting a resolution expressing support for the Pledge of Allegiance. The resolution passed the U.S. Senate with unanimous consent. 

On the Senate floor, Senator Rick Scott said, “The Left is trying to undo the foundational principles of this country, but freedom is fleeting and worth fighting for, and I won’t stop fighting for the country I was raised in.”

With measured civility and respect, uncommon traits within Senator Scott’s affiliations, I responded as follows:

“The Left is trying to undo the foundational principles of this country”…….Senator Scott, with all due respect, perhaps you ought to be looking within your own party and leadership for the ones who are undoing our foundational principles.  I no longer pledge allegiance to a piece of cloth – I pledge my allegiance to the ethics and moral leadership which has forged our country into the greatest nation on earth.  No need for rallies and folks wearing MAGA caps.  All that is necessary is to read about the history of our country, the sacrifices of its veterans, the service of its humble leaders.  I also will never stop fighting for the country I was raised in.

A proud Florida Democrat and patriot,

Larry P. Brown