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“When peace like a river attendeth my way; when sorrows like sea billows roll….”

A young  friend and his wife stopped by to help Jim with a plumbing problem– the wife and I sat to talk for a while. They have two children, 7 and 8, in school. We were able to agree that all  this hullabaloo over covid-19 has become by far too politicized. She doesn’t want their kids to grow up ‘scared of the world’ nor unable to socialize normally. I understand her point and agree. If only she and I could be examples of what our political process needs to be – a give and take kitchen table chat…no name-calling, no diminishing of the other to make a point.

                             “…….whatever my lot, Thou  has taught me to say,  “It is well, it is well                                    with my soul.”


Whatever our lot may be – social distancing, self-isolation, masking or unmasking, differences in political opinions – we must maintain a civil conversation for the health of our soul, both personal and collectively as a nation.  If we can’t speak our truth with kindness, then we are destined to repeat the history of great societies before us which have failed.  It starts with you and me.  What are we doing today to nourish healthy and vibrant souls?

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